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OCTOBER 28TH 4:30 pm

October – "Story - Your Simplest and Most Powerful Technology"  Leah Komaiko


Leah Komaiko helps business owners, authors, entrepreneurs, and some of the world’s biggest brands tell the universal stories that only they can tell. The rich stories people believe in, buy and that ignite a movement. She is a fierce and friendly champion of the power and value of your original story.

A brand strategist, lifetime storyteller and bestselling author of many books for kids including 3 still in print over 20 years. She knows how to identify and tell the authentic, simple stories that reach hearts, change minds and are chosen to be repeated over and over.

She  gives her clients and customers the intangibles they truly value: a little hope, a little joy and a good reason to jump up and down no matter what you’re selling. The bottom line is your brand can only be as strong as the true stories you tell.

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November – "Beating The Hackers - How Can You Defend Your Company And Avoid Being Tomorrow's Front Page News?" Asher Dahan

December  – "Navigating a Sea of Marketing Tech Vendors" Luke Grant

Boldly Going Where No Middleware Has Gone Before  

by Michael Rockford

Before the widespread adoption of cloud computing, enterprises incurred costs of hardware maintenance, software licensing & upgrades, and other costs of securing and managing enterprise IT infrastructure. Multi-tenancy, the sharing of one application across many tenants on a cloud, extends the benefits of cloud computing by replacing many small applications with one or a few large applications. But middleware to integrate applications has occasionally created more problems than it was originally deployed to solve.

Enterprises don't need middleware. Code can be written to solve any issue. But development is costly. Differences between application platforms, programming languages, communication protocols and messaging standards can be daunting. Middleware promises to close the gaps in lieu of writing new code. By providing a secure platform to call between two services, doing beta transformation and message translation, middleware seeks to be the quicker, less expensive remedy.

How can you insure middleware doesn't become a point of weakness? One option is to develop solutions on the and Heroku platforms. is a multi-tenant cloud platform hosted on’s infrastructure and designed to simplify the development and deployment of cloud based enterprise apps and websites. Heroku is a synchronization service, conceptually similar to Dropbox or iCloud, that allows the same data to be seamlessly reflected in multiple platforms. Using and Heroku together in a single application truly takes the enterprise boldly forward where no middleware has gone before because it eliminates the need to translate or integrate between them.