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Missed September's Webinar "Public Speaking In A Virtual World" with Arvee Robinson?

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November – "Beating The Hackers - How Can You Defend Your Company And Avoid Being Tomorrow's Front Page News?" Asher Dahan


December Webinar– "Navigating a Sea of Marketing Tech Vendors" Luke Grant


Recording of October Webinar

"Story - Your Simplest and Most Powerful Technology"  Leah Komaiko

Leah Komaiko helps business owners, authors, entrepreneurs, and some of the world’s biggest brands tell the universal stories that only they can tell. The rich stories people believe in, buy and that ignite a movement. She is a fierce and friendly champion of the power and value of your original story.

A brand strategist, lifetime storyteller and bestselling author of many books for kids including 3 still in print over 20 years. She knows how to identify and tell the authentic, simple stories that reach hearts, change minds and are chosen to be repeated over and over.

She  gives her clients and customers the intangibles they truly value: a little hope, a little joy and a good reason to jump up and down no matter what you’re selling. The bottom line is your brand can only be as strong as the true stories you tell.

December  – "Navigating a Sea of Marketing Tech Vendors" Luke Grant

Back To The Future Of Medicine


by Dr Renee Dua

No Virtual Doctor For Me

It's old news that the Medical Industry is desperate for change, the question is what role will technology play in this disruption. If HEAL and other new Doctor access aps are any indication,  people do not want virtual doctors or robots doing diagnosis, quite to contrary the focus is all about access. People want to see the Doctor they want on demand medical care from real Doctors. Getting to see a Doctor has become such a complex endeavor. Whether your issue is proximity, can't take time off of work, incident happened outside of standard Doctor office hours, can't get an appointment with the Doctor for several weeks, or the pesky little issue of the formidable expense of going to the Emergency Room.

Yes it is about getting to see a Doctor when you want it. We're all getting quite familiar with the on-demand industry. There are branded apps for everything from getting a ride, having your car parked, dinner or groceries being delivered. So why not an app to get a doctor?  That's the question I asked my techy entrepreneur husband after a lengthy and horribly ER experience with my son last fall.

The notion of making it as easy to get a great doctor as it is to get an Uber turns out to be quite appealing. . .