SoCal Digital Symposium (SDS) serves the tech entrepreneurial community through education, content and community.  Through our online initiatives as well as our brick and mortar gatherings, we connect entrepreneurs, business owners, tech geeks, and visionaries with like-minded individuals to conversations that will hopefully inspire the next great idea and/or company.

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Here’s to a New Year with New Idea’s and Inspiration

Happy New Year!  Is it just me or was 2015 the longest yet shortest year in recent history.  When I look back it seems as if I blinked and 2016 was upon us.  And yet when I reflect I realize that so much happened in such a short period of time.  In fact I often find myself saying when I remember something that seemed so far ago, “Wow, that was only this past year?!”

One such memory that now seems like ancient history was the inception of the SDS.  It’s hard to believe that we are only in our second year and yet we have accomplished so much. We started with the concept of a brick and mortar road show.  We swore we would keep is small and quiet and intimate.  So much for that.  The drum beat was always for more more more.  We couldn’t keep up.  And geography continued to be ....  CONTINUE READING


And most importantly we stay true to our initial mission and vision. Ie. One of inspiration and ideation through network, connection and education. As such, there is one more facet of the SDS that we will continue to honor and carry through…the respect the duck award.  This is an award that is given to people who embody the true spirit of the visionary.  That is, “Cool and calm above surface, paddling like hell underneath. “  And so I’d like to also begin this new year by awarding the 2015 Respect the Duck Award to Dr. Renee Dua. 

Dr. Renee Dua never ceases to amaze us. She is a board certified Doctor with a busy medical practice in nephrology, hypertension and internal medicine, co-founder of successful startup HEAL described as the UBER of Medical Care, and hands-on mother of two boys under two years of age. When you speak with Renee you get a calm, grounded, attentive person that gives you her full attention, you would never know that she is changing the future of medical care. Renee we salute you!

More About Dr Renee Dua


Technological Utopia: 
The Increasingly Invaluable Role of Metals on Civilization’s Constant Quest for Freedom from Self-Reliance!

By G. Miles Lehman

A hallmark of mankind’s technological development through the ages is his penchant for recognizing and exploiting the inherent qualities of various elements, predominantly metals, to ease the rigors of daily life. The Bronze Age (circa 4000 years BC), Iron Age (circa 1200 years BC) , and the Industrial Revolution (roughly 1760 to 1840) are well-recognized appellations for eras marking great leaps in urban civilization that simply could not have occurred without metallurgical knowledge and utilization. An argument can be made that we are now immersed in the “High Tech” Age! CONTINUE READING

New Video– "Navigating a Sea of Marketing Tech Vendors" Luke Grant


Luke is a veteran e-commerce and digital marketing professional, who has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes over his 15 year marketing career. Luke has historically led marketing teams in the IT hardware, consumer electronics, and mobile verticals, but also consults with various online, social, and mobile oriented businesses.

This Video is targeted at small and medium sized businesses. There is a way to get the support you need to protect your data and your business.


This Webinar is targeted at small and medium sized businesses. There is a way to get the support you need to protect your data and your business.

Asher Dahan, President of Accurate Data Networks, Inc. started Accurate computers in 1991 and incorporated to Accurate Data Networks in 1999. He has worked with over 1600 clients around the world. He has a unique combination of business skills that combines his technical expertise on networks, security, remote management, maintenance and break / fix services. Asher supplies the CTO expertise that small and medium sized businesses mis

Cyber Security is one of Asher's specialties. He performed hundreds of successful data recoveries and forensic cases and has lead forensic imaging and investigations in conjunction with partners. He also has experience in ethical penetration of networks and review of IT work.

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