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Webinar "When Will "Digital" Marketing  Just Become "Marketing"? Kevin Stein


Webinar " Public Speaking in a Virtual World" Arvee Robinson


Webinar " Story - Your Simplest and Most Powerful Technology"  Leah Komaiko


Webinar Beating The Hackers - How Can You Defend Your Company And Avoid Being Tomorrow's Front Page News? Asher Dahan


Webinar " Navigating a Sea of Marketing Tech Vendors" Luke Grant

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" Utilizing the Wisdom of Crowds in Predicting Future Revenue" by Matt Filios

As marketers and salespeople, we have become obsessed with data that will help predict the future, especially as it relates to revenue and The Customer (as in, who will become one and who will not). The rapid onset and rise of “Big Data” over the last several years and the numerous tools that have been built utilizing it has helped us understand buying behaviors, tendencies and/or trends customers and prospects have displayed. But all of these great analytic tools, platforms and apps focus almost exclusively on historical data, looking back and extrapolating and not looking at current patterns or items that have recently changed or altered previous habits. As much as we want to automate and have machines do much the work for us (hello robot cars!), the human element still plays a big part in forecasting the future as it relates to buyers and closing a sale. 

So how does an organization get to an even deeper level of knowing what the future brings for sales, a project delivery milestone, or a product shipment date?