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September  – "Public Speaking in a Virtual World" Arvee Robinson

October – "Story - Your Simplest and Most Powerful Technology"  Leah Komaiko

November – "Beating The Hackers - How Can You Defend Your Company And Avoid Being Tomorrow's Front Page News?" Asher Dahan

December  – "Navigating a Sea of Marketing Tech Vendors" Luke Grant

Are You Getting The Full Picture From Big Data? 

Don’t Get Tripped Up By Blind Spots

By Joe Leung

It’s not uncommon to ask the question, “Did we make the right decision?”. The process of reconsidering a business decision often stems from uncertainty associated with either the lack of usable data or the use of questionable data, which can negatively impact a well-intended data-driven decision. The lack of usable data generally arises from poor information accessibility due to either gaps in employees’ skill levels or the fact that information is often walled off in silos—or both. The struggle with questionable data often comes about when existing data mining methodologies focus on traditional KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) without evolving to meet changing business requirements. This phenomenon hinders you from addressing increasingly important data sources, and uncovering previously unknown—but often critical intelligence from sources.

Just like driving a car, the consequence of making a business decision without checking your blind spots could be serious. But it is possible to mitigate these risks and improve the speed and quality of a decision using a holistic analytics approach that takes full advantage of the 3V’s – Volume, Velocity, Variety – of Big Data.  The 3V’s essentially mean that we are dealing with a situation where a massive amount of data, in all kinds of format (e.g. text, video, audio, database) and from diverse sources (e.g. social medial, email, chats, website, sensors, transactions), is growing explosively.  Instagram alone reports an average of 70 million photos uploaded per day!