The Evolution Continues with Community

Ah…spring is finally in the air.  Well for most of the country that is.  For us here is in SoCal it means that we’ve gone from a sunny 75 degrees to a sunny 90 degrees. 

But the rebirth of spring brings with it a wonderful newness and a chance to look at things through new eyes. Such is the process that we are going through at the SoCal Digital Symposium. We have had several successful brick and mortar gatherings over the course of our short existence and what we have realized is an even greater thirst for knowledge that is not being served because our geography is still very much an issue.  When you couple that with the fact that this crazy world we live in today continues to spin faster and faster and time is becoming ever more precious, the team was faced with a few key questions. 

1.  How can we alleviate the challenge of space and time (other than using Star Trek’s warp speed?)

2. How do we answer the call to engage even more viewers while still holding true to our Southern California roots?

3. What is the ultimate goal of the SDS?

The answer that kept coming back is/was access to great content, thought leaders (ie. successful and respected leaders in their fields...not just the same "talking heads" on the circuit) and ideas.  As such we have decided to re-tool the site and the platform to be an online content hub supported by key initiatives and editorial content (written, audio, and visual) to support on-demand access by engaged minds and viewers. In other words we are about EDUCATION and INSPIRATION.

Our commitment stands to create a community, albeit virtually or in person in order to invoke thought-provoking content, conversation, and creativity.  The best is yet to come as we expand our reach as well as the number of opportunities we will have to engage and communicate. 

I look forward to our on-going conversation.  I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!