The Power Of Partnership

Two heads are better than one.  This well-known phrase is often used to explain the power of partnerships, teamwork, and typical ideation in today’s business world. This is not only true but a necessity in the startup and entrepreneurial space. In fact alignment is vital to the success of companies for many reasons.  Below are just a few of the benefits.

A Better Aligned Ecosystem
The biggest struggle for most small business and expanding organizations is the many hats that each role within the organization has to wear.  The result is a work force that is often stretched too thin, overworked and overburdened.  In other words, a classic recipe for burnout. This is the last thing a growing company needs. Yet another issue is that no one company does everything and it is unlikely that one ever will,  i.e. the classic saying, “jack of all trades and master of none”. Having a better connected ecosystem allows for people and companies to focus on their core competencies and come together with allies that are not only aligned but ultimately a stronger offering when working together towards a single goal.

Greater Collaboration
Greater collaboration brings on more knowledge transfer. More knowledge transfer leads to ideation and ideation leads to innovation. Innovating with a partner can ultimately speed up the process and help marketers do their jobs faster, easier, and better. Let’s go back to the opening line: Two heads are better than one—and three heads are better than two!

Increased Reach and Referrals
Individuals network all the time in order to find new opportunities and or connect friends and colleagues to jobs that might be a good fit.  Why shouldn’t young companies?  A strong partner ecosystem is like having an extended sales team.  And since each of you compliment and not compete, it is actually in your best interests to work on potential leads for each other. This unified front also gives the added perception that potential customers are not only getting advice with their best interest at heart it is also coming from a group of trusted advisors.

Easier for Customers
The previous three added benefits lead to one MASSIVE value add: ultimately both you and your customer lives are made easier. If it is your mission to be customer fanatics then the goal will always be to find the best possible solution for your clients. Creating a better aligned ecosystem will do exactly that. Dedication to this mission will also have a positive side effect. Namely establishing your brand and reputation in your respective industry. 

We here at the SDS believe so deeply in our partner network that we practice what we preach while drinking our own Kool-Aid. If you would like to become a part of our ecosystem please do not hesitate to reach out.  We always love to hear your thoughts.   

Respectfully,  Lisa deSouza