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June 2016

April 2016 : Affiliate Marketing is the Hidden Secret Your Brand Needs to Succeedby Greg Shepard

March 2016:  “To Lead a Successful Company, Start with Yourself” –By Dave Daley, “The Monster Motivator”  

January 2016:  Technological Utopia The Increasingly Invaluable Role of Metals on Civilization’s
Constant Quest for Freedom from Self-Reliance! –
G. Miles Lehman,

November 2015:  Cool Online Resources You Don't Know About Neil Cramer, President,

October 2015:  Back To The Future Of Medicine Dr Renne Dua, Founder,

September 2015Going Where No Middleware Has Gone Before Michael Rockford, Partner, Technical Architect and Lead Developer at Cloud Software LLC

August 2015:  Big Data: Do You Have The Full Picture? Joe Leung, Marketing Manager Big Data Analytic Solutions, Hewlett Packard

July 2015:  Utilizing the Wisdom of Crowds in Predicting Future Revenue–Matt Filos, CEO of Predictful (

June 2015:  Be The CEO of Your Own Territory Farah Patel, Account Executive at HackerRank

May 2015:  Why CRM Implementations Fail?David Faye, CEO of Faye Business Systems Group

April 2015:  Afraid Of A Security Breach? Jack Wilson, Vice President and General Manager of North America Secunia

March 2015:  The On-Demand Economy & Collaborative Consumption - CEO Merlin Kauffman - Soothe

February 2015:  Solutions That Got Us Here - No Longer Get Us There–Pillar Stella, Founder and Managing Partner of Alchemy P4

January 2015:  Playing It Forward–Amanda Wilbur, Consultant, Information Technology