Cool Online Resources You Don't Know About

Way back in the pre-internet Stone Age, every neighborhood had a “Mom and Pop” Travel Agency where you had to go to get information (remember brochures?) about a destination or hotel (or anything). There were giant Hotel & Travel indexes filled with ads and listings for every hotel in the world, plus continually updated OAG books with airline schedules. The walls were covered with posters from Cruise Lines.

As you waited for the agent to confirm whatever it is you needed to do, you sat there as they stared into an airline reservation system computer (requiring special training), typed a lot of unintelligible code, muttered under their breath, and then called an airline and waited on hold (forever) to confirm your reservation while telling you about some “fam trip” cruise they had just been on and how much they ate and drank. Meanwhile, you flipped through brochures.

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Technological Utopia

The Increasingly Invaluable Role of Metals on Civilization’s
Constant Quest for Freedon from Self-Reliance!

By G. Miles Lehman

A hallmark of mankind’s technological development through the ages is his penchant for recognizing and exploiting the inherent qualities of various elements, predominantly metals, to ease the rigors of daily life. The Bronze Age (circa 4000 years BC), Iron Age (circa 1200 years BC) , and the Industrial Revolution (roughly 1760 to 1840) are well-recognized appellations for eras marking great leaps in urban civilization that simply could not have occurred without metallurgical knowledge and utilization. An argument can be made that we are now immersed in the “High Tech” Age!

Components for the very things we can’t seem to live without—yet take so much for granted—such as computers, cell phones, calculators, iPods and iPads, tablets, ad infinitum, are so dependent on a virtual litany of elements, both common and rare, that without their exploitation our daily endeavors today would be drastically more self -reliant. Who hasn’t witnessed the cashier who could not calculate change without consulting the register for the answer?

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