Luke Grant: Marketing Consultant – Navigating A Sea of Marketing Tech Vendors
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Asher Dahan: Beating The Hackers – How Can you Defend Your Company And Avoid Being Tomorrow's Front Page News?
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Arvee Robinson: is an in-demand speaking coach in the business world, Arvee shows professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs how to attract more clients by clearly communicating how their services benefit their customers. September's SDS Webinar.

Leah Komaiko:  A brand strategist, lifetime storyteller and bestselling author of many books for kids including 3 still in print over 20 years. She knows how to identify and tell the authentic, simple stories that reach hearts, change minds and are chosen to be repeated over and over. 

Sessions From Recent SoCal Digital Symposium Seminar

Jeff Compton, Vice Chairman, TNCI – Creating the Virtual Office of Tomorrow Today

Jessie Kim, Strategy Officoer, Enplug – The Future of Interactive Media

Eric Rice. Founder & CEO, TrepScore – Dispelling the eCurrency Myth


Mark Goulston, Founder, The Goulston Group / Goulston Group Productions – Hacking Steve Jobs - How to Create the Future

Lisa DeSouza, President & CEO RPM Deman

Jenda Michl, Principal, Vertu Studios: What If Nature Designed Buildings – The Evolution of Architectural Technology 

Lloyd Marino, President & CEO, Avetta – Big Data: What it Means to You

Bill Guy, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Cornerstone International Group – Attracting & Retaining Rock Star Talent

Mark Hamade, Chief Operating Officier, Equal Earth – The Technology Behind Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy